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Demystifying Duct Cleaning!


Have you been confused by duct cleaning? Are you angry because people are always calling you? Is it a process you don't fully understand? Below you will find a list of questions and answers that will turn you into a duct cleaning expert! With the proper knowledge you'll be able to make educated decisions about having someone clean your ducts so you can find the right company to do the job.  Whether you're a home owner, commercial or industrial building owner you can get the answers to all your questions here.

  • How can I tell if it's time to get my ducts cleaned?
  • Will getting my ducts cleaned make my house cleaner?
  • Will duct cleaning reduce my energy bill?
  • Is duct cleaning a messy process?
  • Can you clean ducts in a finished basement?
  • How can I spot a duct cleaning scam?
  • Did Air Joy telemarket me?
  • What is the duct cleaning process?
  • How do I prepare to have my ducts cleaned?
  • Do I need to move my furniture?
  • Do you need to have access to my furnace?
  • Can my pets stay home during the cleaning?
  • Do you use chemicals for cleaning?
  • What are the different types of duct cleaning equipment?
  • What equipment does Air Joy use?
  • I'm having renovations done. When should I get my ducts cleaned?
  • Can I clean my own ducts?
  • How often should I have my ducts cleaned?
  • Why should I have the duct system cleaned at my business?
  • Can you clean all building types?
  • Does duct cleaning change my air quality?
  • Someone I live with has allergies.Can duct cleaning help?

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