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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keeping your dryer lint screen clean is the first step in saving the cost of energy.
Keeping your dryer vent hose clean also saves you money and the possibility of a fire.

Dirty Dryer Vent

When the dryer vent is plugged, it takes longer to dry your clothes and increases energy costs. If your dryer vent hose gets clogged with lint, pressure can build inside the hose causing it to disconnect or split, leading to the potential of causing a  a fire. The best plan is to have your dryer vent cleaned on a regular basis like yearly, also you should keep an eye on the length of time it takes to dry your clothes and keep notice of any increase of humidity and smell of damp clothes.


During a job in Hamilton, while cleaning a dryer vent pipe, we noticed a serious problem. The vent pipe had disconnected inside the wall and lint was escaping around the break into the wall cavity and surrounded an electric plug with live wires. This was creating a serious fire hazard.

Dryer vent cleaning service


Dryer Vent Types

Wall Outlet

Routed from the back of your dryer through your home to the outside. Most dryers are vented this way and right through the wall to the outside of the home. In some homes the laundry room is not on an outside wall so the dryer vent has to go through the ceiling  across the home and outside through another location. This can make it more likely to get plugged as the distance the air is pushed out is greater.

Roof Outlet

Routed from the laundry room the dryer vent duct hose has to be routed through the walls and ceilings up to the roof and out of a vent to the outside. With roof vent the dryer has to push the lint through the home and up to the roof level which takes a lot of pressure from the dryer. These home owners need to have a lint trap installed in their laundry room so that lint gets caught before it can go outside. These vents can be extremely hard to clean and are known to plug easily. Crystal Clean Services Ontario has been cleaning dryer vents for years and have the knowledge and ability to clean most all dryer venting systems. 

Cleaning Accessories

A common duct cleaning tools is the skipper line which is a thin hose with a oval aluminum attachment that has perforated holes surrounding the nozzle. When high pressure air is blown through this hose and out the skipper ball it forces the skipper ball deep into the dryer vent which pulls the trapped lint out to the vacuum leaving the dryer hose clean and ready to use again. We clean dryer vents in the Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford and St Catharines Ontario areas.

Dryer vent hose before and after being cleaned