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Tips to deal with dust

Sources of dust

To understand how to remove dust we first need to understand where it comes from. Calling in a Duct Cleaner certainly is a great place to start with but household dust comes from many sources :

  • It is estimated that 60% of dust comes from outside by people, pets, clothing, shoes, wind, and objects such as goods or groceries carried into the home
  • Children's stuffed toys, blankets, and other soft products carry dust from room to room
  • Most pets create dust through their dander which is very tiny particles of skin that have been shed on fur or feathers.
  • Items for these pets such as litter boxes, beds, and cages emit dust and contaminants
  • Our own skin is constantly regenerating, leaving dead skin particles behind to float in the air
  • Renovations of all sizes carry dust through vents into the duct work
  • and on clothing
  • Many employment environments leave dust on clothing that is brought into the home

Bottom Line: Preventing and removing all dust from your home is impossible since it hides in many places and comes in from many sources. Minimizing the quantity of dust and the contaminants it holds, is easily done by using professionals. The job of an air duct cleaner is to reduce the amount of dust collecting in your heating and cooling system so it does not continue to build up and then spread.

Dust Removal Tips

Since cleaning is the only answer, the question is what to clean and how to clean it. With many contaminants hiding in areas often not cleaned thoroughly it is important to eliminate the worst dust problems. We often dust and clean our clothing which are noticeable, but there are areas that become much worse that we don't notice.

Carpets and Soft Furniture

The best place to start dust removal is to have the carpets and soft furniture professionally cleaned. Carpets act like traps holding dirt and food debris within its fibers. This allows contaminants and bacteria to grow until they are disturbed and released into the air. Keeping areas vacuumed around chairs where you eat will reduce the amount of bacteria growing on tiny food particles.


If you think about it, when drapery is pulled back it actually looks like the filter in your furnace with many folds to capture lots of dust. Since drapes are often located near an air vent or open window, they act like filters capturing dust blowing through them. When the drapes are pulled open or closed, much of this dust is shaken into the air. Having your drapes vacuumed a few times per year is a good start in reducing dust in the air.

Dryer Vent Hose

Dryer vents are notorious for dust. They generally carry more dust and debris than anything else in your home. Air leaks around the joints and emit tiny particles that float throughout the house. When they clog up, more pressure is exerted into the dryer hose causing smaller holes to become larger holes. Call Crystal Clean to have your dryer vents cleaned, this not only cleans the dust in your dryer vent hose and saves you energy costs by minimizing air flow restrictions, but it also helps prevent fires.

Why use anyone else?

At Crystal Clean we don't just clean ducts and furnaces we also clean carpets and soft furniture. We service Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford areas.