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Top 3 Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning offers benefits you can enjoy that are well worth the expense, since the air inside your home is often much worse than outside especially after being closed up for very hot or cold seasons.

Smell is a benefit of duct cleaningCleaner Smell

Can't smell your own home? Once you get used to it, it smells fine but ask someone outside your home and they can tell if an unpleasant odour is present. I'm sure you have walked into other homes and thought, 'what is that strange smell?'

Many household toxins and bacteria create unpleasant smells resulting from debris in your air ducts such as dead skin, pet dander, and food particles that encourage mold. Duct cleaning gets rid of places for them to collect, grow, and eventually emit these unpleasant odours.

Energy Savings

Air duct cleaning will decrease the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% to 40% of energy is wasted when heating or cooling your home. Components such as furnace fans, heat exchangers, and A/C coils will last longer and work more efficiently when they are clean. A clean HVAC system means you are not using it as frequently throughout the day to heat or cool your home.

Healthier Air

Your health may also be affected by dirty air coming through your ducts. This could include allergens, irritants, common illnesses, and poor sleep. For some families this may include asthma and other respiratory problems. If it is important to clean and purify the water we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the beds we sleep in, then why not the air we breathe? For many of us, if we can't see the problem we don't think about it even when we are adversely affected by it.

We make no claims that duct cleaning will definitely improve health issues since there could be hundreds of other factors. However, we believe that breathing cleaner air with less contaminants is a healthier environment. Just like a washing machine manufacturer may not claim to make you healthier, we all know that wearing clean clothes is healthier choice.

Should A Professional Clean your Ducts?

 duct cleaning truckIf you are tempted to know how to clean air ducts yourself, there are good reasons professionals make the investment in powerful equipment and trained staff. To get the best results, a qualified duct cleaning company will use the right equipment and certified methods to do the best job. Doing it yourself is difficult and in most cases impossible without the right equipment to remove caked on dust and find hidden debris lodged in your ducts. This dirt accumulates over time and often is too hard to reach or heavy to lift for a normal vacuum cleaner, which is why we use such powerful equipment.

At Crystal Clean Duct Cleaning our technicians come to your home with a state of the art truck able to suck 18,000 cubic feet of air per minute. We combine this high capacity vacuum with a hose blowing 200 pounds of air pressure through the vents to dislodge soils and debris which end up in our truck's filters. Whether you have completed recent renovations, want to breath cleaner air, or you have noticed excessive dust on your furniture, give us a call and we will take the dirt with us!




The Technical Standards and Safety Authority ( TSSA ) promotes and enforces public safety. It’s their vision to be a valued authority for a safer Ontario. With any industry that includes natural gas, such as the furnace cleaning companies, the TSSA has authority to investigate their practices to make sure certified gas fitters are being used at the necessary level.

At Crystal Clean Duct Cleaning we only use certified gas fitters to perform our furnace and duct cleaning. Even if there was no TSSA we would still only use certified gas fitters to do the duct cleaning to protect both our workers and our client's property. We care about the quality and safety of work we provide to our customers.